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Available at our Spanking Library Store, ‘Trust Me’ Trust Me – Fetish model Kimmy is angry and annoyed when she gets home and finds the place in a mess and her lodgers have done nothing to tidy the place up and think because she is a woman it’s her job to do the housework. She […]

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More clips from our latest additions to our Spanking Library Store, ‘Don’t Lie Sir’, ‘Smile For The Camera’ & ‘Not Allowed To Touch’

Don’t Lie Sir – Teacher is punished by Headmistress for inappropriate behaviour with schoolgirl Kimmy. Buy the video here: Spanking Library

Smile For The Camera – Lina deals with photographer […]

Spanking Library Store

Clips from our latest additions to our Spanking Library Store, ‘Touching The Models’, ‘In Front Of Those Two’ & ‘Dream Come True’

Touching The Models – Charlotte and Ashleigh know just how to deal with photographers who don’t know how to behave themselves. Buy this video here: Spanking Library

In Front Of Those […]

Six New Videos Added To Our Spanking Library Store

Six new videos, In Front Of Those Two, Dream Come True, Don’t Lie Sir, Touching The Models, Smile For The Camera & Not Allowed To Touch just added to our Spanking Library Store