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After nearly twenty years we decided to call it a day and our women spanking men websites closed on 31st July 2022.  Over the next few months we will be adding a lot more videos to our Spanking Library store. 

As of today, there are over 289 high quality women spanking men videos available for individual download.  All titles are exclusive to this store.

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Now Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Jealous Husband’ featuring Tammie Lee women spanking men

Jealous Husband – Tammie drags her jealous husband in to the garage for a good thrashing after he starts checking her phone and trying to delete some of the numbers of the many guys that she knows through her modelling work.  An over the knee bare bottom spanking is just the start of the punishment.  Once she has him positioned over the arm of the chair Tammie administers a paddling whilst sitting on his back.  The thrashing continues with a severe strapping and another paddling whilst one of her contacts listens to the beating on the phone to further humiliate her husband. women spanking men

Now Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Stealing Her Knickers’ featuring Miss Samantha women spanking men

Stealing Her Knickers – Samantha is suspicious that some of her knickers are going missing. She confronts her flat mate David who she finds soaking in the bath.  She is really angry when he admits that he has been taking them and drags him up and bends him over the edge of the bath and gives him a good wet bottom spanking.  She gets the paddle and strap out of the bathroom cupboard to gives him a good thrashing. women spanking men

Now Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Loud Music’ featuring Miss Erika women spanking men

Loud Music – Erika has to deal with her tenant who has been causing a problem with playing loud music and disturbing everybody.  She warns him that he will be thrown if the problem continues but to make sure he heeds the warning she decides to deal with him as she does with her husband.  She has the young man take his trousers and pants off before putting him over her knee for a bare bottom spanking.  She then has him bend over the pouffe whilst she gets herself comfortable on the settee to administer a thrashing with a couple of straps.  The punishment is finished off with twelve strokes of the cane. women spanking men

Now Available at our Spanking Library Store‘She’s My Best Friend’ featuring Miss Erika & Tammie Lee women spanking men

She’s My Best Friend – Erika must punish her partner after her best friend Tammie tells her that her put his hand up her skirt and made suggestive comments when they were round her house for a party.  A humiliating over the knee bare bottom spanking from both ladies is just the start.  The punishment then continues with him kneeling on the settee and both ladies taking turns to administer further chastisement which they do with relish and gusto to his already sore bottom with various leather straps and paddles.  The punishment concludes only when they are sure that he has learnt his lesson and will keep his hands to himself in future. women spanking men