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After nearly twenty years we decided to call it a day and our women spanking men websites closed on 31st July 2022.  Over the next few months we will be adding a lot more videos to our Spanking Library store. 

As of today, there are over 264 high quality women spanking men videos available for individual download.  All titles are exclusive to this store.

women spanking men

Now Available at our Spanking Library Store, ‘Institutional Correction (Part 1)’ featuring Dolly & Miss Lina

Institutional Correction (Part 1) – Corrections officer Lina is showing new recruit Dolly how they deal with inmates that cause problems with the smooth running of the place.  The punishment starts with a humiliating over the knee bare bottom spanking before the offender is placed over the bench for a much harsher punishment with various leather paddles and straps with Lina instructing Dolly on how to use said implements before allowing her some hands-on experience.  The ladies take great pleasure in administering the thrashing and it is only concluded when they are satisfied that he has learnt his lesson.

Now Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Tina’s First Day’ featuring Tina Kay & Miss Lina

Tina’s First Day (Part 2) – Lina has hired Tina as her new assistant and is showing her how to deal with clients that are sent to her for various reasons that require corporal punishment.  Second on the list a guy who has been sent by his female boss because of his sexist attitude and who needs to learn that women are now in control.  Once he has stripped naked Lina put him over the knee for a good spanking before handing him over to Tina to continue the chastisement.  They then take turns to administer more serious punishment with various implements finishing off with the both of them beating him at the same time which leaves the guy with a very red sore bottom and a changed attitude.

Now Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Hidden Away’ featuring Leia Anne Woods & Zoe Page

Hidden Away – Leia Anne has to punish her partner after she and close friend Zoe find some old transparencies from a porn shoot that he did a few years ago as an amateur photographer hidden away in the loft.  He denies that they are his and that he was just looking after them for a friend.  Not believing a word of what he is saying she soon has his jeans and pants down for a good over the knee bare bottom spanking.  It gets even worse for him when he is ordered to go over Zoe’s knee so that she can continue the spanking.  Not satisfied that he is learning his lesson they subject him to a good thrashing with various leather paddles and straps which has him squirming around much to their enjoyment.  The punishment is finished off with both ladies armed with a cane taking alternate strokes leaving his bottom red raw and very bruised.

Now Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Act Like A Man’ featuring Amy Hunter

Act Like A Man – Amy is really annoyed with her boyfriend after a night out because he didn’t stand up for her and defend her honour when two guys who were catting her up went a bit too far. She decides that her boyfriend needs a lesson in how to act like a man. She strips him naked for an over the knee spanking followed by a paddling and a strapping across his hands as well as his bottom before taking him to the bedroom to prove that he is a real man.