Latest Uploads To Spanking Tube

Check out our latest uploads to, clips from new videos ‘Act Like A Man’ and ‘Rude To Her Friends’ both taken from Vixen Ladies and ‘A New Trainee’ taken from Hard Spanking Vixens

Act Like A Man – Amy punishes he partner because he didn’t stand up for her and defend her honor […]

Available At Our Spanking Library Store

Available at our Spanking Library Store, ‘Underwear Fetish’ featuring Miss Shay and Miss Lina

Underwear Fetish – Shay and Lina are really fed up with their flat mate going through their underwear draw and taking items so they decide to do something about it by giving him a good beating. They first strip him […]

Latest Upload To Spanking Tube

Check out our latest upload to, a clip from new video ‘Driving Auntie Mad’ taken from Hard Spanking Vixens

Driving Auntie Mad – Officer deals with young man who has committed various offences whilst borrowing his auntie’s vehicle. […]

New Photo Set On Vixen Ladies

A few pictures from new 69 image photo set added to Vixen ladies taken from ‘Boyfriends Beating’ featuring Tina Kay