Available At Our Spanking Library Store

Available at our Spanking Library Store, ‘Caught In The Act’ featuring Jade, ‘Home Punishment’ featuring Leia Anne Woods & Miss Lina and ‘Naughty Uncle’ featuring Ashleigh & Miss Lina

Caught In The Act – Getting home early from work Jade catches her boyfriend at the computer wanking over porn. She shows her displeasure by […]

Available At Our Spanking Library Store

Four videos available at our Spanking Library Store entitled ‘Three Punished Workmen’, ‘Act Like A Man’, ‘Under My Thumb’ & ‘Getting Home Early’

Three Punished Workmen – On a hot summers day Erika loses her patience with her employees and decides that the only way to motivate them is to give all a good […]

Spanking Library Store

Clips from our latest additions to our Spanking Library Store, ‘Underwear Fetish’, ‘Naughty Uncle’ & ‘Insulting My Friends’

Underwear Fetish – Shay and Lina punish their flat mate until he agrees to keep his sticky fingers out of their underwear draw. Buy this video here: Spanking Library

Naughty Uncle – Lina with the […]

Six New Videos Added To Our Spanking Library Store

Six new videos, Underwear fetish, I Didn’t Mean It, Insulting My Friends, Naughty Uncle, Drugs Bust & Punished Photographer just added to our Spanking Library Store