Now available at our Spanking Library Store‘Problems With The Rent’ featuring Lucy Lauren women spanking men

Problems With The Rent – Lucy has to call round to deal with one of her tenants who is behind with the rent yet again.  She gives him a final warning that if he doesn’t have all the money due including the arrears by the following month, she will kick him out but in return he will have to submit to a dose of corporal punishment.  Having nowhere to go he reluctantly agrees and soon finds himself over Lucy’s knee for a humiliating bare bottom spanking.  Worse is to follow when she orders him to knee on the settee for further chastisement with various leather straps, paddles and hairbrush that she brought with her. Lucy continues the punishment until her anger and annoyance has been assuaged and she is convinced that he has learnt a lesson about paying the rent on time. women spanking men

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