Now available at our Spanking Library Store‘Happy Birthday’ featuring Zoe Page & Miss Lina women spanking men

Happy Birthday – It’s Lina’s birthday and she is about to go for a night out with best friend Zoe when her partner comes in and gives her another present apart for all the other expensive items, she received that morning.  It turns out to be a cheap crop with a small red heart on the end which Lina and Zoe don’t find that impressive so Lina decides he needs punishing before they go out.  The ladies take turns to put him over their knee for a good spanking before they make him bend over with his hands on the radiator whilst they use the crop on him that he bought.  Lina then makes him stand with his hands on his head with strict orders to stay there until they get back for their night out.  Thinking that they won’t be back for hours he goes and lays down on the settee but unfortunately for him the ladies return as Lina has forgotten her phone.  Lina is fuming that he has disobeyed her and with the help of Zoe they give him a thrashing to remember with various leather implements until her anger has been assuaged. women spanking men

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