Now available at our Spanking Library Store‘Naughty Neighbour’ featuring Lucy Lauren & Zoe Page women spanking men

Naughty Neighbour – Lucy and Zoe are tired of the lecherous behaviour of her next-door neighbour so one day they entice him over with promises of a fun time.  When the get to the bedroom Lucy and Zoe strip him naked and it is only at that point that they confront him about his unacceptable behaviour and threaten to report him to the authorities unless he accepts a good thrashing from both of them.  Realising that he has little choice he reluctantly agrees and soon finds himself leaning up against the wall in front of a large mirror.  The ladies start off by giving him a good spanking before taking turns to teach him a lesson him with various leather straps and a nasty wooden paddle which they administer with great pleasure.  They finish off the punishment with a good caning to drive home the message. women spanking men

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