Now Available at our Spanking Library Store‘It Wasn’t Planned’ featuring Miss Debbie women spanking men

It Wasn’t Planned – Debbie is really angry and upset when her partner arrives home two hours late especially as she had got dressed up for him for a night of fun.  He claims it wasn’t planned and was a spur of the moment decision to go the pub with his mates but this doesn’t placate Debbie as he didn’t even bother to phone her.  She quickly decides to teach him a lesson and asks him to take off his clothes which he thinks is an invitation to sex but he soon finds out that she is going to give him a good thrashing.  Debbie orders him to lay face down on the bed so that she can sit on top of him to give him a good paddling.  She then has him kneeling on the bed with his on the wall so that she can continue the punishment with an assortment of leather straps and paddles which she administers with relish.  The punishment is concluded only when Debbie’s anger has been assuaged and she is convinced that he has learnt his lesson. women spanking men

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