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Now available at our Spanking Library Store, ‘Can You Take It’ women spanking men

Can You Take It – Lina interviews and then auditions Arjun after he replied to her advert for male models for her videos. First she has him strip naked so that she can get a good look at his body and then puts him over her knee for a good spanking. She then has him standing with his hands on his head whilst she continues the spanking until she is satisfied that he has taken the spanking well enough and can move on to the various implements. She starts off with him kneeling in the chair and uses her black leather paddle on him before changing to the red leather strap whilst he is bent over the desk. She then has him kneeling on all fours on the desk and continues with the heavy leather strap but he has trouble staying in position so Lina’s holds him by the balls to stop him squirming around and continues the strapping. She finishes off the audition by using two of her favorite canes on his already sore backside to make sure he is suitable. women spanking men

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