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Now Available at our Spanking Library Store, ‘Double Trouble’ featuring Red & Miss Lina women spanking menDouble Trouble – Red and Lina meet and find out that they have been dating the same guy who has been trying to talk them in being spanked and has even provided the implement to do this. He also forgot to mention the fact he is married. Lina gives him a ring to ask him to come over for a bit of fun which he agrees to do not knowing that the plan to turn the tables and give him good beating. To stop them telling his wife he agrees to be punished and strips naked before going over the knee for a sound spanking from both of them. The punishment continues with him leaning up against the wall bottom presented so that the ladies can take turns to administer a severe thrashing with the various implements he bought. During this thrashing he has trouble remaining in position so they take turns holding him by the balls to stop him moving while the other thrashes him. By the end he is yelping and promising to be a good boy in the future. women spanking men

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