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Available at our Spanking Library Store, ‘A Slight Adjustment’ featuring Lola-Marie & Miss Lina women spanking men

A Slight Adjustment – Lina is annoyed because she wanted to go out shopping with friend Lola-Marie but her partner has borrowed her car without asking because his was in the garage for a service. When her returns and tells her that he damaged her car whilst he was out she is livid and wastes no time in putting him over her knee for a spanking much to his embarrassment and to Lola-Marie’s amusement. His embarrassment increase when Lina’s invites Lola-Mare to spank him as well which she does with great relish. The ladies then have him bending over the desk so that they can take turns administering a sound thrashing to his already sore bottom with various leather straps and paddles until they have him promising to pay for Lina’s car to be repaired and the hire of vehicle whilst the work is being carried out. women spanking men

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