New Additions To Our Spanking Library Store

Two new additions to our Spanking Library Store, ‘She Has A Name’ featuring Miss Leona and Miss Lina & ‘Another Busy Day’ featuring Miss Lina women spanking men

She Has A Name – Lina is annoyed and angry with her partner’s rude attitude towards her friend Leona and the fact that he always refers to her as she rather than using her name. Determined to put a stop to this and with the help of her friend Leona she strips him and puts him over her knee for a good spanking whilst Leona holds hands to stop him putting them in the way. They then swap places so that Leona can teach him to respect her. Following the spanking they have him bend over so that they can take turns to administer much need punishment to his already sore bottom with various implements that eventually has him promising to be a good boy. women spanking men women spanking men

Another Busy Day – Air hostess Lina arrives home to find her lazy boyfriend asleep in the armchair with none of the house hold chores done. Finally losing patience with him she gets his jeans and pants down and over her knee for a humiliating bare bottom spanking. After the spanking she has him remove his clothes completely before removing her own uniform so as not to mess it up whilst she administers further punishment with paddle and leather straps to show him that she is not going to tolerate this sort of behaviour anymore. women spanking men

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