Now available at our Spanking Library Store‘It Was Only A Joke’ featuring Dani Hunt & Miss Lina women spanking men

It Was Only A Joke – The headmistress has to take drastic action after Dani tells her about the inappropriate behaviour of one of the male teachers.  He claims that it was all just a joke and a bit of banter but the head does not believe it for a moment and gives him the choice of receiving corporal punishment or facing being reported to the authorities which would mean losing his job and having no references.  He reluctantly agrees to the former and soon finds himself naked and over the heads knee for a good spanking whilst Dani watches.  Worse is to follow when he is ordered to bend over the heads desk for further chastisement with a leather strap and paddle. Half way through the punishment the head has to leave for a couple of minutes and makes the teacher stand there with his hands on his head until she gets back. While she is away Dani who is not as innocent as she makes out starts playing with his cock which soon gives him a erection and as soon as the head returns she sees this which makes her even more angry and determined to deal with him.  The punishment continues with another good strapping and is finished with a severe caning. women spanking men

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