Now available at our Spanking Library Store‘Problems Getting Up’ featuring Miss Jade women spanking men

Problems Getting Up – Jade is really annoyed and angry that her boyfriend is still in bed and not showered and ready to go out and as far as she is concerned it has ruined her day so she decides to teach him a lesson and at the same time to assuage her anger.  She starts off with him laying on the bed so that she can give him a good hand spanking.  The spanking not having the desired effect she moves on to sterner measures with a rather nasty rubber paddle and long-handled wooden bath brush that soon has her boyfriend squirming around.  With him wriggling around so much Jade has to change position and sits on his back to keep him still whilst she administers further chastisement to his already sore bottom with the bath brush.  The punishment concludes with Jade giving him twenty-four strokes of the cane. women spanking men

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