Now available at our Spanking Library Store‘Cheating Husband’ featuring Amber West & Zoe Page women spanking men

Cheating Husband – Amber is convinced that her partner cannot be trusted and with the help of her friend Zoe they set a honey trap for him. Zoe picks him up at a local bar and takes him back to her place where she strips him naked ready for action when Amber walks in and confronts him. He is given a choice of a good beating or a divorce. Knowing that a divorce will cost him a lot of money he reluctantly agrees to a beating and soon finds himself over Zoe knee for a humiliating bare bottom spanking whilst Amber looks on. The punishment continues with both ladies taking turns to administer further chastisement to his already sore bottom with various leather straps and paddles until they are satisfied, he has learnt his lesson.

women spanking men

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