Now available at our Spanking Library Store‘Soaking Wet’ featuring Miss Lina women spanking men

Soaking Wet – Lina is fuming when her clumsy useless partner spills coffee all over skirt while he was messing around in the kitchen.  She drags him into the lounge, removes the wet skirt and quickly pulls his jeans and under pants down to his ankles before putting him over her knee for a long hard spanking.  The spanking is nowhere near enough punishment to assuage her anger so she orders him to kneel up on the settee with his bottom perfectly presented for further chastisement whilst she retrieves a number leather straps and paddles from the bedroom.  On her return she sets about delivering a good thrashing with relish, gusto and great enjoyment.  She continues the punishment until her anger has been fully assuaged and he is apologising for his stupid behaviour. women spanking men

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