Now available at our Spanking Library Store‘It’s Just Somebody From Work’ featuring Miss Debbie women spanking men

It’s Just Somebody From Work – Debbie is livid when she finds texts on her partners phone whilst he still in bed.  She goes into the bedroom and confronts him about what she has found and he says it just somebody from work and nothing to worry about.  Debbie knows just how to deal with the situation and drags him out of bed and puts over her knee as she has done in the past and administers a good hard spanking to get the truth from him.  He continues to deny that anything has been going on so she knows that she has move on to sterner measures and retrieves some implements form the bedside cabinet.   She orders him to lean up against the cupboard and then the wall so that she can administer a good thrashing with various leather straps and paddles which she does with relish until her anger has been assuaged.  The chastisement concludes when he has admitted his guilty and promises that he will never see her again. women spanking men

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