Now available at our Spanking Library Store‘Finding A Solution’ featuring Zoe Page & Miss Lina women spanking men

Finding A Solution – Zoe confides in her friend Lina that she is having relationship problems with her boyfriend and Lina explains that she had similar problems with her partner but she had a found a good way to deal with those issues by means of corporal punishment and things had really improved after that.  Lina decides that it would be a good idea to give Zoe a practical demonstration of how to deal with recalcitrant boyfriends so calls her partner into the room and orders him to strip naked for punishment.  He knows better than to argue and despite the humiliating does as he is told and places himself over Lina’s knee for a good spanking before going over Zoe’s knee so that she can see how effective it is.  Lina then orders him to bend over the desk so that the ladies can take turns to give him a good beating with various leather straps and paddles.  By the end of the session Zoe knows just how she will deal with her boyfriend. women spanking men

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