Now available at our Spanking Library Store‘Here We Go Again’ featuring Tina Kay women spanking men

Here We Go Again – Tina is sick and tired of her lazy useless boyfriend and his pathetic excuses as to why he can’t find a job and the fact that he seems content to live of her earnings as a model.  She decides that he needs another dose corporal punishment to persuaded him to change his attitude.  Tina starts of by putting him over her knee for a good paddling.  She then makes him kneel up on the settee with his bottom presented for further discipline with some nasty leather straps and paddles that soon has his legs shaking as he absorbs the strokes.  The punishment continues until he is apologising profusely for his behaviour and promises to change which is the que for Tina to grab him by the balls and drag him to the bedroom to prove how sorry he is. women spanking men

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