Now Available at our Spanking Library Store‘We Had A Deal’ featuring Miss Lina women spanking men

We Had A Deal – Lina and her partner had a deal that if he didn’t want to join her and her friends down the gym, he would keep fit at home on the exercise machine. But he has spent more time on the settee in front of the television than on the bike.  Lina has had enough and will change his attitude with a dose of corporal punishment.  She takes him into the bedroom, strips him naked and orders him to get on the exercise machine.  Lina then gets some leather straps and paddles and takes great delight in spanking him with the different implements as he works out on the exercise machine.  Every so often she tuns up the difficulty setting to make it even tougher for him and every time he falters, she beats him even harder to inspire him to greater efforts.  Lina finishes the session by administering a hard caning until backside is red and sore enough for him not to want to sit down all day doing nothing. women spanking men

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