Now Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Simple Solution’ featuring Jade & Miss Lina

Simple Solution – Jade and her partner are having problems with their relationship and visit a counsellor to try and sort things out.  Jade explains that he has no employment and just lays about the house all day watching television and doesn’t even get the dinner ready when she gets home from a long day at work which just sums up his whole attitude to their relationship.  Lina the counsellor suggests that what he needs is a good dose of corporal punishment to change his arrogance and because he doesn’t want to lose Anna he reluctantly agrees.  Lina proceeds to show Jade how to deal with naughty boys and they make him remove his jeans and underpants before going over first Lina’s knee then Jade’s knee for a bare bottom spanking.  The ladies then take turns to administer a good thrashing with various leather paddles and straps before finishing off the lesson with a hard caning.

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