Now Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Missing Pictures’ featuring Miss Erika

Missing Pictures – Erika is getting ready for a night out and wants to take her camera with her to record the night events.  When she checks the camera, she realizes that a number of photos are missing from a previous night out and the only person who had access to her camera was her flat mate.  She confronts him about it and he denies it at first but when she threatens to throw him out as the flat is in her name, he owns up.  Erika decides that he needs to be taught a lesson and has him remove his jeans and underpants so that she can give him a humiliating bare bottoms spanking.  She then has him in a variety of positions including on all fours on the dining room table for further chastisement with various leather paddles that she acquired for a modelling job until her anger has been assuaged.

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