Now Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Institutional Discipline (Part 1)’ featuring Zoe Page

Institutional Discipline (Part 1) – Correction officer Zoe Page has to discipline an inmate for disruptive behaviour and showing disrespect to other officers.  He has to strip naked and stand facing the wall with his hands on his head to contemplate the punishment he is about to receive.  On her arrival Zoe questions him about his behaviour before ordering him to lay over the bench so that she can administer a good thrashing.  She starts with a small leather paddle before moving on to a three tailed leather strap and then a rather nasty and painful heavy two tailed strap.  During the chastisement she lectures him about his attitude, even grabbing his balls to emphasis certain points.  Zoe finishes of punishment with good caning to drive the message home about his future conduct.

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