Now Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Upsetting The New Girl (Part 1)’ featuring Debbie & Miss Lina

Upsetting The New Girl (Part 1) – Lina is furious when new employee Debbie tells her that a couple of guys at the firm have been playing practical jokes on her and making her life difficult.  Lina wastes no time in calling the guys in to her office to let them know that she is not going to stand for that sort of behaviour in her business and that if they value their employment, they must submit to a dose of corporal punishment to teach them the error of their ways.  Reluctantly they agree and soon find themselves being humiliating stripped naked by Debbie before taking turns over Lina’s knee for a good hard spanking.  They then have to lean over a couple of wooden boxes with their already sore bottoms perfectly presented for further chastisement with a leather strap and paddle from both Lina and Debbie.

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