Now Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Maintenance Payments’ featuring Miss Ashleigh

Maintenance Payments – Ashleigh is fed up with the consistently late maintenance payments from her ex-husband and his tired and lame excuses.  She confronts him about it and tells him that if he doesn’t start paying on time she will go back to the courts with all the consequences that would entail for him and just to make sure he sticks to the agreement this time she is going to give him a good thrashing to teach him a lesson.  Having little choice, he reluctantly agrees and soon finds himself over her knee for a humiliating bare bottom paddling.  Worse is to follow when he is ordered to kneel on the settee with his already sore bottom presented for further chastisement with various leather straps and paddles which Ashleigh applies with great pleasure.  The punishment concludes when she is satisfied that he has learnt his lesson and will be making those payments on time.

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