Now Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Hiding Thier Clothes’ featuring Charlotte and Tilly

Hiding Their Clothes – Charlotte and Tilly have had enough of their flat mate hiding their clothes and confront him in the bathroom about his stupid behaviour.  He denies it but they have already decided to teach him a lesson and make him get on all fours in the bath before taking turns to spank him. He is then made to stand up and bend over with his hands on the window sill so that the ladies can continue to chastise him with various leather straps and paddle that Charlotte obtained for a recent photo shoot. At one point during the strapping, Charlotte fed up with his constant complaining takes her knickers off and shoves them in his mouth to keep him quiet.  The punishment concludes with him again on all fours in the bath for further punishment until they are satisfied that he has learnt his lesson.

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