Available At Our Spanking Library Store

Available at our Spanking Library Store, ‘Trust Me’

www.vixenladies.com women spanking menTrust Me – Fetish model Kimmy is angry and annoyed when she gets home and finds the place in a mess and her lodgers have done nothing to tidy the place up and think because she is a woman it’s her job to do the housework. She persuades them to get their clothes off so that they can have some fun and while they are doing that she gets a couple of leather paddles and returns to the kitchen to give them a good thrashing. She soon has them bending over the worktops with their bottoms presented punishment before having them on all fours on the floor so her paddles can drive the message home. Half an hour later they are apologizing to Kimmy and promising to be good boys.

www.vixenladies.com women spanking men

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