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Vixen Ladies Classic videos ‘Unacceptable Behaviour’ & ‘I’m Trying To Relax’ now available at our new store.

women spanking men

Unacceptable Behaviour – Fitness centre manageress Lina has to deal with a guy who has been inappropriate with some of the female members. With the help of one of her staff they proceed to give teach him a lesson he won’t forget in a hurry. A humiliating over the knee bare bottom spanking from both of them is followed by a good thrashing with leather straps and paddles and finished off with a hard caning.

women spanking men

I’m Trying To Relax – Red is annoyed when her partner comes in to the bathroom and starts splashing her and generally messing around as she is just trying to have a relaxing bath. He doesn’t heed the warning and quickly finds himself naked and bent over for a good beating with various implements including a rather painful bath brush.

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