Latest Uploads To Spanking Tube

Check out our latest uploads to, clips from ‘Happy Birthday’ & ‘To Much Masturbation’ taken from Lina’s House Of Discipline & ‘You Know What Day It Is’ ‘A Slight Adjustment’ taken from Vixen Ladies. women spanking men

Happy Birthday – Lina with the help of best friend Zoe gives her partner a good thrashing for the rubbish present he gave her. women spanking men

To Much Masturbation – Lina has her own way of dealing with a client who has a problem with constant masturbation women spanking men

You Know What Day It Is – Forgetting your girlfriend’s birthday is bound to lead to a beating. women spanking men

A Slight Adjustment – Lina and Lola give the garage mechanic a good beating for using their car without permission.

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