Latest Uploads To Spanking Tube

Check out our latest uploads to, further clips from ‘Rent Collection’ taken from Vixen Ladies & ‘Sales Drive’ taken from Lina’s House Of Discipline & new clips from ‘Refunding His Money’ taken from Hard Spanking Vixens & ‘Benefit Claim’ taken from Lina’s House Of Discipline. women spanking men

Rent Collection – It’s Zoe’s job to collect the rents for the properties that her father owns, late payment results in punishment. women spanking men

Sales Drive – Lina has her own unique way of getting her employees to reach their sales targets. women spanking men

Refunding His Money – Zoe has to punish her tenant for damage to the property before refunding his deposit. women spanking men

Benefit Claim – Lina deals with a fraudulent benefit claimant by giving him a taste of corporal punishment.


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