Latest Uploads To Spankingtube

Check out our latest uploads to, clips from videos entitled, ‘Overstaying His Welcome’, ‘What Have I Done Now’, ‘Upsetting My Niece’ & ‘I Had A Few Drinks’. which have appeared on Vixen Ladies. women spanking men

Overstaying HIs Welcome – Erika’s decides that her house guest needs motivation with a hard strapping and paddling. women spanking men

What Have I Done Now – Texts and photos on your phone from another girl is a good way to earn a hard thrashing from your partner. women spanking men

Upsetting My Niece – Make crude suggestion to Miss Lina’s niece earns this guy a severe thrashing. women spanking men

I Had A Few Drinks – Having a few drinks is no excuse for being rude to your partners friends on a night out.

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