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‘Loan Agreement’ & ‘Short Sharp Shock’ taken from Hard Spanking Vixens, ‘Touching What He Shouldn’t’ & Over The Limit’ taken from Lina’s House Of Discipline & ‘Upsetting The New Girl’ taken from Vixen Ladies. women spanking men

Loan Agreement – Being late with the repayments results in a good beating for this naughty boy. women spanking men

Short Sharp Shock – The best way to deal with a young man who doesn’t know how to behave is by the short sharp shock of well administered corporal punishment. women spanking men

Touching What He Shouldn’t – Using Miss Lina’s new laptop to look at porn is not a good idea as this guy soon finds out. women spanking men

Over The Limit – There’s only one way to deal with a husband who has been arrested for drink driving and that is a good thrashing. women spanking men

Upsetting The New Girl – Inappropriate behaviour towards the new girl in the office results in painful and embarrassing punishment for these two guys.

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